Of Counsel

Alessandro Medori

Attorney Alessandro Medori is registered with the Turin Bar and works in the areas of corporate criminal law, the administrative liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 8 June 2001 231 and the protection of personal data, assisting its clients both in court and out of court. After having obtained a master’s degree in law with a grade of 110/110 discussing a thesis in criminal procedural law, he practiced and exercised his first years of profession in a leading Turin law firm.

Currently, lawyer Medori holds the positions of Coordinator of the Supervisory Body of the EEIG Mont Blanc Tunnel – Tunnel du Mont Blanc, President of the Supervisory Body of the Italian Society of the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel – SITRASB SpA, member of the Supervisory Body Supervision of Social Security Services Valle d’Aosta SpA, member of the Supervisory Body of the Montagna Sicura – Montagne Sûre Foundation, member of the Supervisory Body of the Institut Agricole Régional Foundation and member of the Supervisory Body of the Azienda Pubblici Servizi Aosta SpA

He is also an external legal advisor to various Supervisory Bodies, many belonging to companies subject to supervision by the Bank of Italy.

In the matter of privacy, he holds the position of Data Protection Officer (DPO) of various professional associations (including the Orders of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Aosta, the Order of Journalists of the Aosta Valley and the of the Engineers of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta), of the Antonio Vivaldi Conservatory of Alessandria, of Confidi Valle d’Aosta SC, of ​​Confidi Centro SC; of the Equalized Music Institute of the Aosta Valley, of the Fondemain Pension Fund as well as of various Foundations and School Institutions.

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