Federica Raviolo

Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Turin, expert in Civil Law, in judicial and extrajudicial areas, with an area of ​​specialization in family law in the healthy and pathological phase of the marital union, custody of minors, right of children (procedures for adoptability, limitation, forfeiture and suspension of parental responsibility) protection of vulnerable individuals (disqualifications, support administrations and incapacitations), assistance in matters relating to filiation (disavowal actions), national and international adoption and adoption of older people, successor relations.

Scientific High School and Degree with full marks from the University of Turin;

Enrolled in the list of Special Curators of Children since 15/1/2013

Participation in the Higher Education School in the law of family relations, persons and children organized by the AIAF, passing the related final exam. 2016. Member of the Juvenile Chamber of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

She is fluent in French.

Family LawCivil Law Children’s rights