Francesca Cassone, Angelo Giunta and Stefano Balzola, and with them Elisa Torresel, will strengthening Corporate – M&A, Start-up & Innovation, Bankruptcy Law, IT & Data Protection and Charity Sector practices, join ‘Leading Law – Notaries and Lawyers’ to contribute to the process of territorial consolidation, as well as to the internationalisation and technological innovation of the firm. 

Three new partners join Leading Law: Francesca Cassone, Angelo Giunta and Stefano Balzola.


According to Andrea Ganelli, founder of Leading Law, “The entry of three new partners so qualified confirms the goodness and attractiveness of the professional project of Leading Law and allows us to offer customers a professional service even more competitive and high level”.

In recent years, together with Francesca and Angelo, we have reached the maturity to achieve a professional upgrade thanks to teamwork, curiosity and knowledge share with the vast network of international partners. The future of corporate counsel must be characterised by an inspirational approach towards clients and colleagues, with a view to representing a strategic landmark for the business community rather than a simple legal service provider,” said Stefano Balzola.

In Leading Law” – have commented Francesca Cassone and Angelo Giunta – “we have found People who share with us the centrality of the team, the definition of growth paths and the opportunity to anticipate our clients needs, supporting them in achieving their goals. Together, we believe in an innovative model of law firm, one that keeps away the logic of bosses and self-preservation, one that is multi-faceted and able to renew itself while outliving the professionals who imagined it, in which technological innovation, an aptitude for experimentation and transversal skills are the tools of choice for dealing with the contemporary world and the changes that are affecting the legal profession”.