Stefano Balzola

Stefano Balzola

Stefano gained a solid experience in corporate law and financial market law, also thanks to his academic activities. He regularly assists clients in private equity and venture capital transactions, extraordinary corporate transactions, company acquisitions, mergers and recapitalizations and provides assistance to the board of directors’ meetings and shareholders’ meetings.

He provides consultancy to listed companies, banks and insurance companies in the compliance with the relevant sectorial regulations as well as in relations with the independent Authorities.

Stefano has developed extensive experience in all aspects of managing the employment relationships of managers and executives, as well as issues related to individual and collective dismissals, due diligence activities, transfer of business and outsourcing in the context of reorganization or extraordinary operations.

He assists clients in civil actions, before the Italian Court of the Enterprises, involving the responsibility of the corporate bodies, shareholders’ resolutions invalidity, disputes between shareholders and the responsibility of financial intermediaries. He was arbitrator and secretary of arbitration.

He also developed skills in the navigation law assisting shipyards in relations with customers and suppliers as well as with port authorities. 

Stefano assists also listed companies, banks and insurance companies in the compliance with the relevant sectorial regulations as well as in relations with the independent Authorities.

He graduated in law ‘with honours’ in 2004 with a thesis on “Stocks and hybrid securities in the reform of Italian Corporate Law”. He was admitted to the Turin Bar on 17 November 2007. Since 2011 he has been professor of corporate law at Carlo Cattaneo University – LIUC and since 2018 at University of Turin, from 2009 to 2013 he was a research fellow at the University of Turin, in 2008 he received a PhD in “Company Law and of financial markets” at the University of Bologna and in 2007 he was visiting researcher at Yale Law School.

Besides his native language Italian, Stefano is fluent in English.

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Mara Bisi

Attorney Bisi carried out her legal practice at Studio Proietti specializing in compensation for damages and family law and continued her activity at the VMDLaw Law Firm in Turin, acquiring skills in commercial law and contracts.

She carries out his doctorate in the field of trusts and instruments of asset segregation in different legal systems and assists the law chair of India and of Comparative Legal Systems; represents doctoral candidates at the Faculty Board and the Department Council.

She is the author of the following publications: “The strength of tradition. Interaction of cultures in Syro-Malabar marriage ”, CDCT 43-2017 / Comparative and Transnational Law 19.

“The Supreme Court of India recognizes the right of access for all women to the Sabarimala temple,” DPCE Online, v. 41, n. 4, Jan. 2020.

“Hindu Joint Family and Legal Pluralism in the Indian Context”, Kervan, Vol. 24 n. 1 2020

Attorney Bisi is an adjunct professor for supplementary teaching at the Department of Management and Economics in the field of Private Law.

National and international contracts

Massimo Brizzi

Avv. Massimo Brizzi was born in Florence in 1957 and graduated in 1982 with mention. He practiced at Olivetti Leasing S.p.a. as in-house legal consultant in charge of the development of the computerization of the legal services afterwards he gained experience at Watt, Tieder Killian & Hoffar’s Law Firm of Washington D.C., U.S.A and Cameron Markby’s Law Firm of London, United Kingdom. When back to Italy, he co-founded first Roberto Tassi & Associati Law Firm,  then Brizzi Burgio Cuccurullo Sarti Law Firm. Later, he practiced as an independent and finally has joint Leading Law.

Massimo Brizzi has an extensive experience in domestic, international and cross border transactions. His areas of practice are business and contract law, corporate law with focus on insurance companies, asset planning with focus on asset protection, inheritance planning and generation shift, and finally tax law.

Knowledge of languages: fluent in English.


Practice areas


Business Law

– All and any business agreement, including but not being limited to, agency and distribution, franchising, leasing, sale of goods and services, trade-mark patent and know licensing and in general intellectual property, fine arts law, IT law (including internet frauds), commercial and residential property transactions focusing on tourist residential complex and hotel resorts, all and any corporate agreement (please see below).


Corporate Law

– Setting up of companies of any kind whatsoever, corporate and contractual joint-ventures, branches and subsidiaries, representative offices, group reorganizations, company repatriation and relocation, mergers & acquisitions, spin offs, share for share transactions, shareholders agreements, infra-group agreements. This area of practice includes the management of the authorization procedure for licensed businesses such as insurance, banking and financial businesses.

Estate Planning

– Estate planning for high net worth individuals involved in multiple legal jurisdictions aiming at: (i) the asset protection or part thereof; (ii) inheritance planning; (iii) generation shift of successful family businesses. All of the above making use, inter alia, of special purpose vehicles, hybrid companies, trusts and the like.


– Tax relating to all the above referenced transactions as well advice and assistance relating to all and any tax issues, including, but not limited to, international treaties and double tax agreements, real property taxation, royalties, dividends and capital gains, interest and financial income, controlled foreign companies and transfer pricing, trusts, v.a.t. and sales tax, all of the above having regard to anti avoidance and anti-abuse rules.

Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci 8
50123 Florence – Italy
T + 39 055 292 345
M + 39 329 6160 820

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Roberto Borgogno

After graduating in law from the Sapienza University of Rome, in 1992 he won the public competition for admission to the PhD course in criminal and procedural law and after a period of study at the Institut fur Kriminologie und Wirtschaftstrafrecht, from the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg ib (Germany) directed by prof. Klaus Tiedemann obtains the title of PhD in criminal and procedural law by presenting a monographic work entitled “The criminal protection of professional secrecy”. The collaboration with Prof. Coppi continues until October 2002, when he is the winner of the comparative evaluation procedure announced by Sapienza for a position as researcher in the disciplinary sector ius / 17 and actually takes his position in 2004 and in 2007 he is confirmed in the role. In March 2018 he was the winner of the evaluation procedure for the filling of a post of second-tier professor in criminal law at the Department of Economic and Philosophical Legal Studies of the Sapienza University of Rome.

Criminal LawCorporate Criminal Law Medical Liability

Fabrizia Bussolino

Born in 1984, she attended the Liceo Classico Massimo d’Azeglio in Turin and graduated in Law from the University of Turin with 110/110 points and honors, with a thesis in criminal law.

Since 2012 she has been enrolled in the Register of Lawyers of the Turin Bar and carries out her professional activity exclusively in the field of criminal law, at the Feno Law Firm since 2015, where she trained following the major processes that have affected professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses in our country in recent years.

Since 2018 she has been a partner of the Leading Law firm, criminal department, where she deals with the judicial defense of the top figures of Italian companies, CEOs, Directors, Directors, in criminal proceedings with regard to tax matters, workplace safety, environmental protection, crimes against property, food criminal law, with particular attention to the analysis of the organizational and governance structure of the Company or Entity also through the drafting or revision of delegated functions, Risk assessment document, Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to d. lgs. 231/2001 in order to ensure the necessary updating of the structure to the new regulations, preventing the perpetration of any crimes. She can also declare a consolidated experience in healthcare and socio-healthcare processes.

Since 2016 President of the Supervisory Body of Farmauniti Cooperative Society.

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Cassone avvocato Leading Law

Francesca Cassone

Francesca provides legal guidance and business development assistance to companies – regulatory advice, drafting and negotiating contracts, fund raising and privacy issues – from the start up stage onwards.

Francesca specializes in litigation defense in commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law, having gained, inter alia, relevant expertise in corporate director’s liability.

Francesca normally assists clients in insolvency procedures, composition of corporate crisis and debt restructuring, through both judicial and extrajudicial transactions (restructuring agreements).

She also specializes in family law and in biolaw, both domestic and international, providing judicial and extrajudicial legal advice in right to autonomy and self-determination, right to fundamental decision privacy, protecting sexual orientation and gender identity under antidiscrimination law, reproductive rights and the right to make advance healthcare directive.

She graduated in law ‘with honours’ in 2002 with a thesis on “Assisted procreation: attribution of maternity”. Since November 2002 she has collaborated with the Faculty of Law, University of Turin, teaching as a lecturer Private Law, Civil Law and Family Law. She was admitted to the Turin Bar in 2007. She was Full Time Visiting Phd Student at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy of the University of Manchester and in 2009 he received with full marks a PhD (Doctor) in Civil Law at the University of Pisa. From 2008 to 2014 she was Adjunct Professor in the University of Turin. From 2017 she is included in the List of Discrimination Lawyer approved by the Turin Bar Association.

Besides her native language Italian, Francesca is fluent in English.

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Vittorio Corelli

Vittorio Maria Corelli

Expert in civil, banking and commercial law in judicial and extrajudicial fields. Consultancy in national and international contractual matters and regular consultant for major national clients in the banking, insurance, financial and services sectors in the field of credit risk management and out-of-court and judicial management of non-performing loans. In recent years he has gained significant experience in the field of Digital Law and misleading and comparative advertising.

Banking and Financial lawCredit risk managementInsurance lawNational and international contracts

Cristina De Benetti

Specialized in administrative law, she provides consultancy and legal defense activities in favor of public and private entities. She is the author of several publications, member of scientific committees of legal journals and speaker at conferences on administrative law.

She graduated in Business Economics from the University of Venice Ca ‘Foscari and in Law from the University of Trieste; she subsequently obtained the title of PhD in Administrative Law.

She began her professional career at the law firm of prof.  Feliciano Benvenuti, in Venice, where she practiced the profession for about fifteen years.

She is attorney at the Supreme Court, listed in the Register of Arbitrators of the Arbitration Chamber at the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC), enrolled in the Register of Arbitrators of the International Chamber of Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation (AMC), partner Leading Law. She assists public and private entities in particular in the field of administrative law.

She is associate professor of Institutions of Public Law – Administrative Law at the University of Venice Ca ‘Foscari, a University where she is a member of the academic bodies.

She is the author of numerous publications, member of scientific committees of legal journals and speaker at conferences on administrative law.

She was a member of the Board of Directors of Milano Assicurazioni Spa, the Supervisory Board, the Committee for transactions with related parties, the Risk Control Committee and the Remuneration Committee; of the Board of Directors of AerTre Spa – Treviso Airport Spa; the Board of Directors of Autostrade Meridionali Spa, the Committee of independent directors for transactions with related parties and the Control, risk and corporate governance committee; the Board of Directors of UnipolBanca Spa, the Independent Directors Committee for transactions with associated parties and the Risks Committee; of the Board of Directors of Autogrill Spa, Chairman of the Control, Risks and Corporate Governance Committee.

She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of UnipolSai Assicurazioni Spa, of the Committee of independent directors for transactions with associated parties and of the Remuneration Committee; of the Board of Directors of the Ca ‘Foscari University Foundation, of which she is also Vice President; of the Board of Directors of MOM Spa-Mobilità di Marca Spa; of the Board of Directors of Atlantia Spa, Chairman of the Control, Risks and Corporate Governance Committee.

Administrative law

Mario Donadio

The lawyer Mario Donadio is a member of the Turin Bar and operates mainly in the fields of corporate law and real estate, areas in which he assists Italian and foreign companies in the implementation of extraordinary transactions and M&A, in the sale, acquisition and development of significant real estate assets, as well as in preparing all commercial contracts.

He has also gained wide experience in consulting assistance for start-ups – a sector in which Leading Law was awarded as Team of the Year 2020 Under 40 by the Legal Community – and in the subject of privacy.

After graduating in law with mention of honor from the University of Turin, he subsequently obtained a PhD in Legal Sciences (Curriculum in Commercial Law), at the University of Milan and still cooperates, as research fellow, with the professorships of commercial law, banking law and business law of the University of Turin (Departments of Law and Management).

He is the author of numerous scientific publications on the subject of corporate law, as well as regularly lectures and conferences.

Since 2019 he has been Secretary of AGAT, the Young Lawyers Association of Turin.

Real Estate LawData protection compliance

Luca Fazzini

Graduated in 2009 in Law from the University of Genoa.
Member of the Turin Bar since 2013.

Before joining Leading Law he worked in the Massimiliano Elia law firm in Turin.
He mainly deals with out-of-court consultancy and litigation in the fields of labor law, commercial (extraordinary transactions and bankruptcy) and financial banking (swap – bonds).

In particular, he assists and represents customers in all disputes relating to employment relationships, has gained extensive experience in the drafting of contracts and in the management of industrial relations.

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