Giovanni Rota

He has been practicing for over twenty-five years, in minor jurisdictions and at the Supreme Court, was a member of the boards of directors of leading Italian companies and has been involved in asset management and more recently in Crisis Settlement Bodies or restructuring for companies.

The specific skills of the firm concern:

Civil liability: defense of companies, health facilities, nursing homes or private professionals both in civil and criminal matters.
Specialized in techniques for surveying and kinematic reconstruction of road accidents reconstruction of road accidents and in the appeal of fines in the field of road traffic in function of the protection for the compensation of civil damage.
Private sector: condominium law and private property, contracts for relations with credit institutions.
Bankruptcy procedures: assistance to individuals or companies in debt restructuring or extraordinary operations.
Inheritance law: succession, inheritance or co-ownership divisions
Civil and Commercial Mediation Civil Mediator: founder of a civil and corporate Mediation Body in which he works as Master in Business Lawyer: he has developed a propensity to work in a team with an outstanding empathic ability.


Support causes at:

– the Supreme Court of Cassation

– the Court of Appeal of Brescia and Milan.

– the Court of Bergamo

– the Court of Lecco and Como and Brescia

Real Estate LawMedical LiabilityNational and international contracts