Labor law and Trade Union

The LEADING LAW firm assists its clients in negotiations and disputes of a trade union nature and in the labour law aspects also connected to extraordinary corporate transactions, in the drafting of every type of contract connected to the employment relationship and in judicial protection.
In particular, it assists and represents customers in all disputes relating to employment relationships (individual or collective dismissal, duties, pay differences, tools for remote control of the performance, request for ascertaining the subordinate nature of the relationship, managers, administration, apprenticeship, training, occupational health and safety, compensation for damage), agency and trade union (proceedings pursuant to art. 28 of the Labor Statute). It also assists clients in the management of inspection and social security disputes. The professionals of the Firm have gained a consolidated experience in the drafting of employment contracts (part-time, affixing of the final term, trial agreement, non-competition agreement, minimum guaranteed duration, remuneration of managers), self-employment (also in the form of collaboration organized by the customer), intermittent, agency, mediation and business procurement and in general in the management of the employment relationship in the banking, commerce, craftsman, insurance, construction and metalworking sectors. The Firm assists clients in the analysis and preparation of documents aimed at protecting personal data (privacy), also with reference to the use of work tools (video surveillance, e-mail, internet, telephone, gps), as well as of the related litigation.