Intellectual Property law

LEADING LAW Notaries and Lawyers offers professional and highly specialized consultancy in the field of Intellectual Property Law. Thanks to a department that combines experience and constant training with different but complementary professionals such as lawyers, graphic designers and engineers, the Firm assists clients in reasoned planning aimed to an effective protection of intangible assets, also supporting them in the choices relating to registration opportunities and patenting. The experience gained in litigation relating to patents, software, trademarks, design, know-how, unfair competition, advertising and copyright, as well as in the contractual regulation of needs in the various industries, acquires strategic importance for the purpose of effective competitiveness on the market. The I.P. department assists Italian and foreign companies, both emerging and multinational, operating in various technological sectors, automotive, telecommunications, chemical-pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical devices, mechanical, as well as fashion and luxury, food & beverage and consumer goods.