Alberto Antonucci

Over the years he has gained significant experience in the various fields of civil law, developing a strong specialization in corporate, commercial and tax law, in the areas of obligations, family and succession law and civil liability. After the classical diploma, on October 21st1980 he graduated in law and in 1986 he became a lawyer and enrolled in the register of lawyers of Turin, the city where he began his legal career where he has been a lawyer at the Supreme Court since 1998. Founding partner of the Paolo Emilio Ferreri Law Firm with whom he cooperated from Graduation until August 2006 and still Founding Partner and co-owner of the Antonucci Caratozzolo e Associati Law Firm in Turin.

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Cassone avvocato Leading Law

Francesca Cassone

Francesca provides legal guidance and business development assistance to companies – regulatory advice, drafting and negotiating contracts, fund raising and privacy issues – from the start up stage onwards.

Francesca specializes in litigation defense in commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law, having gained, inter alia, relevant expertise in corporate director’s liability.

Francesca normally assists clients in insolvency procedures, composition of corporate crisis and debt restructuring, through both judicial and extrajudicial transactions (restructuring agreements).

She also specializes in family law and in biolaw, both domestic and international, providing judicial and extrajudicial legal advice in right to autonomy and self-determination, right to fundamental decision privacy, protecting sexual orientation and gender identity under antidiscrimination law, reproductive rights and the right to make advance healthcare directive.

She graduated in law ‘with honours’ in 2002 with a thesis on “Assisted procreation: attribution of maternity”. Since November 2002 she has collaborated with the Faculty of Law, University of Turin, teaching as a lecturer Private Law, Civil Law and Family Law. She was admitted to the Turin Bar in 2007. She was Full Time Visiting Phd Student at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy of the University of Manchester and in 2009 he received with full marks a PhD (Doctor) in Civil Law at the University of Pisa. From 2008 to 2014 she was Adjunct Professor in the University of Turin. From 2017 she is included in the List of Discrimination Lawyer approved by the Turin Bar Association.

Besides her native language Italian, Francesca is fluent in English.

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Stefania Mancinelli

She is a lawyer registered in the Lodi bar since 2001 and graduated in Law in 1996 from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. She worked with a leading law firm in the area, where she gained twenty years of professional experience, having as reference customers banks, companies (partnerships or corporations), Bankruptcy Trustees. Since 2015, she has been a founding partner of the Gruppi e Mancinelli Law Firm, and assists clients in the fields of debt collection, banking law, bankruptcy law, commercial law, real estate law, both in extrajudicial and judicial matters.

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junior partner

Carlo Alberto Romagnoli

After graduating with full marks from the University of Turin, he began his professional career at the family law firm and then entered, once he was licensed to practice as a lawyer, in the Leadinglaw network. After completing his university, he continued his training in the innovative field of agri-food law, earning in 2019 the second level master’s degree in Food law at the Luiss University of Rome. He currently works in the firm’s innovation team and provides in particular judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the field of contracts and corporate law at the service of national and international companies and start-ups.


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Beatrice Ardizzone

From March 2019 she began her legal activity at Leading Law dealing with civil law, insurance law, civil litigation and the massive judicial and extra-judicial management of credit recovery.
She specializes in everything concerning the right to be forgotten and its protection, with particular regard to the “on-line” branch.

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Norma Gemello

Born in Turin on October 22nd 1994. On October 11th 2017 she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Business Law, at the University of Turin with a thesis on “Labeling of alcoholic products in the framework of the official control system on food products”. Speakers Prof. Alessandro Crosetti and Dr Maria Pia Genesin. In October 2017 she enrolled in the Law course to complete the Master’s course. On November 8th, 2017 she obtained the certificate for Civil and Commercial Mediator at the “Chamber of National Mediation”, Turin office as well as being appointed assistant to the Sales Delegate appointed by the Court of Turin.

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